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martes, 4 de abril de 2017

Assassin's Creed review


I really enjoyed the film. It was fantastic, I remember a part in which a person jumps from a lot of height and was saved, The man was better than the woman. 
The movie was about a person who needs to find his assassin side. A machine will help you find your assassin side.
In one part he recovers his assassin side without help of the machine and has to fight against the creators of the machine.
The one who helps (a girl) to recover his side assassin tine a father who wants to recover a relic assessing.
But that can not, this person (the one that gets the side advises) kills the father of the girl and the girl decides to take revenge and there ends the movie.
The assassins are left with the relic and the girl pursues the assassin in the place of the machine makes other assassins friends.And they are the new asessins.